As a studio, we try to facilitate much more than just the equipment and technology. We want to create the right atmosphere and stimulate creativity to achieve the best possible.


Placed in the centre of the 90 square meter facility is the heart of the studio, our Sony MXP 3056VF console. This rare inline console is a great sounding and quiet console, providing a lot of fun in recording or mixing quality music.

The large collection of analogue outboard provides a list of fantastic audio processing, preamps and effects to suit your mix. The room is carefully designed to sound great and have a pleasant atmosphere. An ideal place to play all together.

An inspiring location.


It is all about the music. Equipment is just a tool to make it possible to capture the creative process. The studio has a beautiful analogue Sony inline console that sounds fantastic.

We have a wide variety of high-end outboard equipment and microphones.

Some examples of our outboard:

  • Groove Tubes
  • Schertler
  • TC- Electronic
  • Sony/ MCI

Some examples of our microphones:

  • LOMO
  • Nevaton
  • Sandhill
  • Earthworks

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