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REMIC P 6000 (discontinued)

€ 6459,00 excl. VAT

Order REMIC P 6000 (discontinued)

The new P6000 continues the unique and characteristic craftsmanship of REMIC MICROPHONES, and is now revolutionizing more than 70 years of grand piano miking traditions.

Through many years of cooperative work with our user driven innovation platform, REMIC MICROPHONES unify microphone, instrument, artist and sound engineer, in order to fulfill the true expression of musical art and breaks down one more barrier between artist and audience.

For studio, broadcast, theatre and live productions, the P6000 delivers an extraordinary sound response and continues the unique and striking craftsmanship of REMIC MICROPHONES.

Based on a match pair of High definition condenser microphones, the P 6000 delivers a natural and open sound, with an extreme accuracy and fast transient response, that captures even the finest and most delicate overtones of the instrument.


The P6000 is placed on top of the soundboard beneath the strings, pointing towards the hammers (aming E4/F4) and can be moved around on the soundboard to achieve the desired tone (timbre).

The placement of the P6000, allows the microphone to capture the very first movements of air molecules, set in motion by the soundboard and strings, before the sound signal is “polluted” or “distorted” by odd reflections that often causes phase problems when two or more conventional microphones are used to capture the sound of this huge instrument.


Finally, there is an obvious, purely aesthetic advantage to utilizing an instrument microphone from REMIC MICROPHONES, as they are not mounted with a clumsy microphone stand or clip. The sheer size and design of the REMICs, enables the instrument to present itself with its natural elegance.

Acoustic operating principleSAM� (Soundboard Area Microphone)
Frequency range6 - 23 kHz
Sensitivity5mV/Pa (-44dBr.1V/Pa)
Supply voltage2 x 2mA / 48V Phantom
Matching connectorLEMO5 (incl. adapter to 2 x XLR3)
Weight capsule444g (microphone only)
Diameter�75 x 20 mm