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Black Lion Seventeen Compressor

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The Seventeen is not the ’76 compressor that your grandfather recorded with.

The Seventeen is not the ’76 compressor that your grandfather recorded with. It isn’t even a remake but rather the Black Lion spin on what the ’76 Should have been. Designed in conjunction with hitmaker Tobias Lindell and featuring a redesigned and improved IC based front end, the Seventeen shows incredible detail and nuance normally not possible with this style compressor. This new front end circuit is coupled with our custom designed, made in Chicago output transformer, designed to give this unit a huge bottom end that balances out the open top end very nicely. We also include our proprietary Black Lion style power decoupling for an incredibly low noise floor. The Seventeen also uses high grade nichicon signal capacitors, widely considered some of the highest quality caps available.

Never the ones to settle for “good enough,” we have added features that users normally consider as upgrades or mods including, a frequency adjustable side chain, separate selectable high and low pass filters, a wet/dry mix knob to allow users to blend in dry signal into their compressed signal, the Seventeen has a palette of tones not available to anything else on the market today. It also includes the all important stereo link function for linking together two units.

  • Signal HPF: 100Hz -6dB per octave
  • Signal LPF: 10kHz -6dB per octave
  • Attack: Continuously variable 20uS to 800uS
  • Release: Continuously variable 50mS to 800mS
  • Sidechain HPF: 5 position switch, OFF, 100Hz, 200Hz, 300Hz, 400Hz
  • Ratio: Pushbutton selected 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1 and any combination
  • Voltage: 115VAC, 230VAC rear panel switchable
  • AC Mains Input: IEC320-C14 standard plug.
  • Fuse: 115VAC 60Hz uses T2AL; 230VAC 50Hz uses F2AL both are 20mmx5mm 
  • Dimensions: 438mm (19”) x 88mm (2U) x 250mm D
  • Weight: 8kg